Expanding Horizons: New Faculties and Programs Enhance Learning

Compassion International Theological University (CIU) is committed to continuous improvement and equipping future ministers with the most relevant skills for serving their communities. Here’s a glimpse into potential faculty additions and program expansions that could enhance CIU’s curriculum:

New Faculty Expertise:

  • Intercultural Ministry: A dedicated faculty member specializing in intercultural ministry could equip students with the knowledge and skills to navigate diverse cultural backgrounds within congregations.
  • Urban Ministry: An expert in urban ministry could guide students on addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by churches in urban settings.
  • Technology and Ministry: A faculty member with expertise in technology and ministry could train students on utilizing technology for effective outreach, communication, and discipleship.
  • Trauma-Informed Ministry: A focus on trauma-informed ministry would equip graduates to offer sensitive and supportive pastoral care.

Program Expansions:

  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership: This program could delve deeper into leadership principles, team building, and strategic planning, preparing graduates to lead churches and faith-based organizations effectively.
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies: Equipping students with a strong understanding of different cultures and worldviews would prepare them for ministry in a globalized society.
  • Online Ministry Track: An online track within existing programs could provide greater flexibility for students seeking theological education while fulfilling current ministry commitments.
  • Certificate Programs in Specialized Areas: Offering certificates in areas like youth ministry, prison ministry, or grief counseling could provide valuable specialized training for current or aspiring ministers.

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