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This organization is an International Clergy Council and Five-Fold Ministers and is called compassion International clergy council . The Council, CICC , is an Association of Ministers of God and Lay-Workers. The Council was established in Sweden, Europe through the effort and influence of Rev Dr. Cristian Heim, the international President and Apostle Prof. Hayford Tweneboah Koduah(PhD), the International vice president of the Council. 

The Compassion International Clergy Council stands as a beacon of support and guidance for ministers embarking on their journey of ordination and licensing. Nestled within the halls of Compassion International Theological University, this council embodies the institution’s commitment to nurturing compassionate leaders who serve their communities with faith and dedication.

At the heart of the council’s mission lies a profound understanding of the challenges and responsibilities that come with the call to ministry. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of theological education provided by Compassion International Theological University, the council equips ministers with the spiritual tools and practical knowledge essential for their sacred vocation.

Through mentorship, pastoral care, and rigorous theological training, the council fosters a supportive environment where ministers can flourish in their roles as spiritual leaders. Whether navigating complex theological inquiries or grappling with the intricacies of pastoral care, members of the clergy council offer invaluable guidance honed through years of experience and devotion.

Furthermore, the council extends its reach beyond the confines of the university, actively engaging with ministers in diverse communities worldwide. By leveraging the resources and networks of Compassion International, the council seeks to empower ministers from all walks of life, ensuring they have the support they need to fulfill their calling with excellence and integrity.

With a firm commitment to compassionate service and theological excellence, the Compassion International Clergy Council stands as a steadfast ally to ministers everywhere, nurturing a new generation of leaders who embody the transformative power of faith and love.

Certainly, let’s further elaborate on the core values, mandate, mission statement, organizational statement of faith, and membership requirements and qualifications of the Compassion International Clergy Council:

Core Values:

1. Compassion: Demonstrating empathy, kindness, and understanding towards all individuals.

2. Integrity: Upholding moral and ethical principles in all actions and decisions.

3. Excellence: Striving for excellence in theological education, pastoral care, and service.

4. Collaboration: Fostering a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among ministers and communities.

5. Diversity: Celebrating the richness of diversity in theological perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds.

6. Servant Leadership: Embodying humility and dedication in serving others, following the example of Christ.


The mandate of the Compassion International Clergy Council is to provide comprehensive support, guidance, and resources to ministers pursuing ordination and licensing. This includes offering mentorship, theological education, pastoral care, and networking opportunities to empower ministers in their spiritual journey and service to their communities.

Mission Statement:

“To equip and empower ministers with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for transformative and compassionate leadership, guided by the principles of faith, integrity, and service, in partnership with Compassion International Theological University.”

Organizational Statement of Faith:

The Compassion International Clergy Council adheres to the following foundational beliefs:

1. We believe in the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—revealed in Scripture and confessed in the historic creeds of the Christian faith.

2. We affirm the authority and inspiration of the Bible as the infallible Word of God, essential for faith and practice.

3. We embrace the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection, as the means of salvation for humanity.

4. We uphold the universal priesthood of believers and the importance of the local church in nurturing and equipping disciples.

5. We acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s guidance and empowerment in individual lives and corporate ministry.

6. We affirm the hope of Christ’s return and the fulfillment of God’s kingdom.

Membership Requirements and Qualifications:

1. Possession of a bachelor’s degree in theology or a related field from an accredited institution.

2. Active involvement in ministry for a minimum of two years, demonstrating leadership and service.

3. Agreement with the organizational statement of faith and commitment to its principles.

4. Completion of the ordination or licensing process as prescribed by Compassion International Theological University.

5. Willingness to participate in ongoing education, training, and mentorship programs offered by the council.

6. Endorsement by a recognized church or ministry organization.

7. Adherence to ethical standards and conduct consistent with the principles of the council’s core values. 

By upholding these values, fulfilling its mandate, and embracing its mission, the Compassion International Clergy Council continues to serve as a guiding light for ministers, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.

To register please, Call + 233 242314176 or 0302965737

Rev. Dr Cristian Heim - International President
Apostle. Prof. Hayford Tweneboa-Koduah(PhD) - International Vice President
Snr Apostle Stephen Kwame Menya - African President
Apostle Isaac Ebo Atefa - President Ghana
Apostle Dr . Philip Kosi Marko - Secretary General
Rev. Dr Evans Sewu Korbla - Director of finance